Section XI Parent Alliance

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Again – Chapter 28 – JohnA Passaro

Do I not destroy my enemies
When I make them my friends?

Abraham Lincoln


It is something you see, over and over, when you walk around the Section XI Tournament.

It is what I call the Section XI Parent Alliance.

Parents of wrestlers who are wrestling today, shaking hands with each other, and wishing their opponents sons wrestle the best match of their life today.

You see this between parents who know the brackets all too well.

Parents who know the depth of the Section XI tournament. Parents who know that the difference between their kid standing at the top of the podium or standing on the wood floor, may only be 1 point, 1 call, or 1 second.

That one point, 1 call or 1 second will turn into the one heartbreak that will make their heart ache, which will last all of their life.

Parents whose only want is for every wrestler to have the tournament of their life, on this day.

Parents who know what it feels like to be vulnerable in this sport, no matter how hard you have worked, for no matter how many years.

You hear, “Anything can happen.”

“Everyone is 0-0 right now.”

“I just want him to be himself.”

From parents who have had the humbling experience of their sons wrestling in this tournament in prior years.

Parents who know that a loss at this time of the year will crush one’s dreams and one’s spirits.

And no parent wants that – not even for his opponent.

Parents who want to see dreams captured for every deserving wrestler, but know that there will be only one champion per weight class who will be guaranteed an invite upstate.

So here’s to all parents who are part of this alliance – wishing that every wrestler wrestles his best tournament this weekend.

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