My Wish Inspirational Wall Decor

JohnA Passaro

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 My Wish

 My wish is for you to have the right amount of pain in your life.

“Too little” pain and hurt, where one reverts to their original life without gaining a proper perspective to fully appreciate life is pointless.

“Too harsh” amount of pain and hurt, where one's will is broken, will destroy one's outlook on life and make that person useless.

My wish is that you experience the sweet spot of pain and suffering when you are indoctrinated into the life-changing events club.

Just the right amount of pain and suffering which changes your perspective on life.

Just enough to allow you to move forward and live while always being unwilling to let go of the pain and suffering, realizing how important it is to your newfound perspective on life.

That is just the right amount. Pain and suffering when properly channeled become perspective.

Perspective leads to gratitude.

And gratitude leads to love.

And love makes life worth living.

Worth suffering for.


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