Peak in the Post-Season - 1:1 Mental Mind Training for Wrestlers

JohnA Passaro

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Are you looking for an edge on the competition this year?

Everyone trains their body during the season, very few wrestlers train their minds.

This 30-minute, Mental Mind Training will take place via Facetime and is available to any wrestler in any part of the country.

* Increase your BELIEF, CONFIDENCE, and ENTHUSIASM for the sport.
* Learn to DOMINATE on and off the mat.
* ELIMINATE the subconscious FEAR OF LOSING.
* MAXIMIZE your PERFORMANCE on the mat.
* Learn to FEED your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT each day.
* The difference of having a goal and BEING on a MISSION.
* Understand the self-improvement process of WINNING or LEARNING.
* Put yourself in the best position to BEAT THE WRESTLER YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEAT.
* GROW as a WRESTLER and as a PERSON ON and OFF the MAT.

    Let JohnA Passaro be your "HEAD" coach and lead you to SUCCESS on and off the mat with his mental mind training.

    There are very limited sessions available.

    Are you ready to PEAK in the POST-SEASON?

    Schedule your PEAK in the POST-SEASON session now.



    Initial Session - FREE ($50 Value)

    30 Minute Session  = $30

    1 hour Session = $50

    MONTHLY Package - Unlimited Facetime, text, phone full availability. - $150